Vanuatu Agricultural Research and Technical Centre (VARTC)

VARTC is the unique operating agricultural research facility in the country. The Centre is mandated to carry out applied and development-oriented researches in the field of agriculture and livestock, to train and assist farmers and to disseminate information relating to scientific and technical matters.

The Centre contributes to advance food security and resilience and to promote a sustainable agriculture in the country. The Centre is based in Santo.


NAB - Vanuatu National Advisory Board on Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction

The Ministry of Agriculture's Risk and Resilience Unit is responsible for food and agriculture disaster response coordination.


Vanuatu Agriculture College (VAC)

The VAC is the Centre for the training of farmers and acquisition of farming technologies and skills for enhancing agriculture production and in so doing contributing to the economic and social development of Vanuatu and is based in Santo.


VAL Pacific

VAL Pacific is a public Company owned by the Vanuatu Government and private investors.


Promotion of Grace of the Seas for Coastal Villages

This is a project funded by JICA aimed at promoting the conservation of coastal environment and sustainable utilization of coastal resources and Community-Based Coastal Resource Management.



Around 75% of the population reside in Vanuatu's rural areas and depend on agriculture for their livelihood, productivity, particularly in the subsistence sector, is quite low.


Only one third of Vanuatu's total cultivable land is presently farmed although it is still has an agriculture-dominated economy with copra, cocoa and kava dominating the economic sector.


The fisheries sector comprises the oceanic and coastal fisheries resources which are exploited at the subsistence, artisanal and industrial levels.


Vanuatu has one of the most conducive environments in the world for raising beef cattle. Domestically the production of beef, pork, poultry and sheep/goat for local consumption forms an essential part of the economy.